GIA Certified Diamonds and Diamond Certification Reports

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GIA Certified Diamonds

When buying any high quality diamond, you should ask if the diamonds you're looking at are GIA Certified Diamonds. The  (GIA) certificate is a document that you should have in your files for all high end diamonds . All top quality diamond jewelry should certainly be supported by an official GIA diamond certificate. Diamond Certification reports are occasionally also referred to as Diamond Grading Reports and Grading reports. GIA is derived from the Gemological Institute of America. Among diamond grading organizations, the GIA is the recognized industry leader. That's why any substantial diamond investment you make should be in GIA Certified Diamonds. There are an additional four other internationally accepted diamond grading organizations. They are: IGI, AGS, EGL, and HRD.  This is a point around which there should be no compromise. Every recognized diamond dealer should provide you with a GIA report or GIA diamond certification. When buying an expensive diamond, always insist on having this GIA certified diamond report. If the retailer can't produce the GIA certificate for a high quality diamond, don't walk, run away.

Diamond Certification Report Explained

What is the exact purpose of a diamond certification report? The first, and most important role of the GIA report  is verify the authenticity of the the stone you just purchased. The GIA diamond certification allows you to confirm and validate the weight and four C's of the rock: carat, color, cut, and clarity. A diamond dealer can't con you because  the diamond certification is not issued by the store owner or merchant. The GIA, as an independent, neutral source, issues the diamond  certificate, not the store owner or jeweler. And to put to rest the next obvious questions, GIA has safeguards to prevent an unscrupulous merchant from faking a GIA report. GIA installs safeguards into its report. These safeguards include micpoint lines, holograms, and security screens. Furthermore, the Gemological Institute of America has a web based report check. Using this web page, a jewelry customer can insert her report number and verify that the details in the report she receives from the jeweler are the same as the contents in the GIA database.  The point is - you don’t have to rely on the claims made by the diamond dealer. If the seller lets you know anything significantly less than the honest facts, his version will be contradicted by the verified details in the GIA database.  Quite simply, if the seller or retailer lets you know that your gemstones are GIA Accredited Diamond jewelry, there's a way to authenticate his claims. Put plain and simple, the certificate fee is worth it. Requesting the GIA certificate to authenticate that you are, indeed, buying GIA certified diamonds will prevent you from buying a dud or lower quality diamond.

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GIA Diamond Grading Report


Online Shopping for GIA Certified Diamonds

The same rules and certification apply to diamonds bought online as to those diamonds bought in a brick and store. You can purchase quality diamond jewelry online as long as you do your research and are aware. Nevertheless, it is most likely smart to adhere to on the web retailers in the nation where you live. Doing so gives you more protections. If  you are dissatisfied, or something goes wrong, it will be easier to make a return or exchange. Discover more about shopping for diamond jewelry here. Browse an extensive online collection of GIA certified diamonds at The Sophisticated Lady. Whether you're looking for diamond engagement ringswedding bands, diamond necklaces for women, or any kind of diamond stone, check out The Sophisticated Lady

gia certified diamonds

How to Read a GIA Diamond Grading Report

A guide that explains the various aspects of a GIA grading report.