Diamond Necklaces for Women – Sophistication and Class

diamond necklaces for women

Diamond Necklaces for Women

Diamond Necklaces for women carry the look of class and aristocracy.  If you're shopping for diamond jewelry, this Blog will help you. Its purpose is to serve as a guide - offering tips and advice on buying Diamond jewelry.  An elegant diamond necklace is a product that is truly the sign of The Sophisticated Lady. At the same time, diamond necklaces for women convey a composed look and feel. Every precious metal has its way to imbibe diamonds to make jewelry and present a different look. Traditionally, gold and silver are recognized as being among the best metals to go with diamonds. They help to enhance the glow of diamonds without causing any damage to the diamond. Nowadays, platinum in increasingly being used as the precious metal to accompany diamonds in an engagement ring. Because of platinum's unique, non-tarnish qualities, platinum engagement rings for women are among the most expensive in the world.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

After diamond rings, Diamond necklaces for women are the most demanding diamond jewelry. It's a well-known cliche, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. The glitz of diamonds complements the glow and radiance of a lady's eyes. The diamonds used in necklaces are usually much more compact than the stone used in a product such as rings and earrings. There is a dizzying assortment of diamond necklaces for women available for sale in the market. Diamond necklaces are a lovely and impressive gift idea. They communicate your feelings to your loved one.

Irene Neuwirth Collection

Women's White Diamond & Emerald Necklace

To fully appreciate the elegance and sophistication of a diamond necklace, you have to look at a piece designed by a woman jewelry designer with a passion for unique, collectible statement necklaces. Irene Neuwirth is such a designer. Her diamond necklaces for women have been featured in the top magazines of style and class. And her necklaces are worn by women of sophistication. Some of the world's most beautiful women wear Irene Neuwirth's diamond necklaces. The Irene Neuwirth Diamond Collection Women's White Diamond & Emerald Necklace is a one of a kind statement necklace. Just look at it. It is the essence of The Sophisticated Lady.

diamond necklaces for women


This unique and exclusive cable-chain necklace features a central row of round white diamonds tipped with faceted oval emeralds. Such exceptional diamond necklaces for women are an example of the class of jewelry you will find on display at the shopping website,  The Sophisticated Lady.


A perfect cut diamond of the best purity is usually colorless and reflects light in multi colors. The value of the stone is measured on the 4 Cs, i.e. carat, cut, clarity, and color. The flawless diamond is popularly called as a paragon. A diamond necklace can be made of all colorless diamonds or with a mixture of colored diamonds.

Due to the impurities, these precious gemstones vary in color. The colors can range from yellow to black. Let's have the rainbow of colors available with diamonds. Yellow and brown color diamonds have Nitrogen impurities in them. The blue color diamond has resulted from Boron. Irradiation gives a green color to diamonds. Plastic deformation is responsible for causing brown, pink and red coloring of diamonds. Diamonds are available in blue, black, pink, red, yellow, green, purple and orange color.

Diamond Necklace Designs

Just imagine all these beautiful colors embedded in a necklace. Such a necklace would create such an extravagant effect and make the diamond necklace a sight to treasure. These multiple colors would create a rainbow that lasts forever either in gold or silver. But silver can be a very affordable option as gold is so expensive. The colorless diamonds cost a lot. However, you can get a good deal with colored diamond necklaces over sterling silver. Such a design explores the color and pattern of the diamonds. Diamond necklaces for women can come in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. These are only a few of the absolutely awesome available diamond necklace designs.

A Variety of Diamond Necklaces for Women

There are almost thousands of designs and patterns available in the market. Diamond necklaces for women are stunning. Whether they are yellow gold necklaces, sterling silver necklaces, rose gold necklaces, or white gold necklaces, diamond necklaces are appreciated by women and make unforgettable gifts. There are so many alternatives for shoppers to explore or purchase. Nowadays, we can have a personalized diamond necklace with the name or designs chosen by you. Diamond necklaces are available in different shapes and sizes. One can easily purchase a necklace according to one's choice. Then there is the option of a personalized necklace. Personalized necklaces also offer you a choice of designs. Either way you choose, you can't go wrong. Diamonds are forever, and they will make you feel proud and honored.

diamond necklaces for women

Furthermore, intricate silver jewelry designs can accommodate a nice piece of colored or colorless diamond to make a beautiful piece of ornament. The simple yet sophisticated look of jewelry can only be possible when the detailing is kept minimal, and a dash of sparkle is added with some colored stones. These can bring out the richness of the metal.

The price varies according to the weight of diamond within the jewelry as well as the precious metal that holds it to create a beautiful piece of art. Diamond bracelets, diamond broaches and diamond finger rings are very popular pieces of fine jewelry with diamond detailing in them. But the best way to display diamonds is to carry them off in a diamond necklace that exfoliates the radiating rays of light in the precious gems and create mystery.

To taste the real beauty of diamond necklaces, visit The Sophisticated Lady. You will not be disappointed.

Latest Diamond Necklace Sets with Weight

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Latest Diamond Necklace Sets with Weight

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