Advice on How to Buy Diamonds Online

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buy diamonds


Many Reasons to Buy Diamonds

There are many occasions for which we decide to buy diamonds. First and foremost - women love them. When Carol Channing coined the term, Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, she was certainly on to something. That Jazz song from the Broadway play, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes back in 1949 has survived the test of time and gone on to develop a life of its own. We buy diamonds in rings necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. In fact, there isn't a piece of jewelry that can't be enhanced with a diamond.

The 4Cs - Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat

Because a quality diamond is not just a purchase but an investment, we should exercise some caution, especially when deciding to buy diamonds on the internet. First, research the jewelry and diamonds you're interested in. Whether you decide to buy diamonds in person or on the Internet, a good starting point is to learn the Four C's. In the world of diamonds, the Four 's refer to cut, color, clarity and carat weights. All your life, you've heard the saying, an educated consumer is always the best customer. The same is true when it comes to any decision to buy diamonds. Simply put, the more you're educated on the subject of diamonds and diamond jewelry, the better prepared you will be to make a wiser decision. The Sophisticated Lady has a lot of diamond jewelry for you to browse. Contrary to what you might think, The Internet does offer some advantages when it comes to buying diamonds.

Buy Diamonds Online - Savings - More Choices

The first obvious advantage to buying a diamond from a website is that a website allows you to explore a much larger collection of diamond jewelry than you can in a physical store. Secondly, your local neighborhood jeweler may not have the jewelry you're looking for. Think about that for a minute. Then factor in the costs of flying around to different cities to visit a variety of jewelry stores. You will soon come to realize the impracticality of such a shopping spree. In a fraction of the time it takes you to fly around to different cities to look at diamond jewelry, you can browse the online inventory of several stores. Furthermore, the Web makes it much easier for you to do online comparison shopping. You surf multiple web pages at the same time as you compare quality, price, etc. However, in your local community, you are restricted to the stores in that area.

Online Fraud Protection

On the internet, there are no such restrictions. Nowadays, credit card and payment companies have built-in fraud protection to protect your online purchases. Nonetheless, exercise your due diligence. Be careful and conscientious. For products such as diamonds and high-end jewelry, the end business which is ready to receive your money will have a phone number that you can call for questions, clarification, or verification if vital.

buy diamonds online
Deconstructed ring in 18K white gold. Set in a blue sapphire oval and halo of diamonds

Lower Prices

To start with, think about your rationale for deciding to buy diamonds or other jewels on the internet. One of the most common reasons consumers give for shopping online is cost. This applies to shopping to buy diamonds and other jewelry as well. Internet merchants are able to offer lower prices on just about everything. Why? Because they have less overhead. The same is true for jewelers and wholesalers.

In spite of this, be a smart buyer. Be wise. If the value is too good to be bona fide, then your instincts should tell you there is a problem.

Given the potential for fraud concerning precious gems and high-end jewelry, one would think that it is not recommended to purchase diamonds and fine jewelry online. Quite the opposite. On the contrary, as long as you are careful, diamonds are purchased on the internet without any trouble.

buy diamonds

Shop Around

When making an investment in something as substantial as diamond jewelry, start early and give yourself enough time to shop around. There is no need to rush. It's generally never a good idea to buy the first thing that you like. Shop around. Look at different options. Compare the items you think you like to similar items, or the same items, at other websites. There are a lot of stunning diamonds. If you really like it, see if others have the diamond that you are attracted to. Someone may have it, or one almost like it, on sale. If you've done your comparison shopping, and you think you've found the best value for the money, then start your investigation. You are aware of diamonds, and you’ve found the right price for the diamond that you want, but you are not quite yet at that buying stage.

Do Your Research

Check out the credentials of the store where you will make the actual purchase. Are you familiar with the name? Does that merchant belong to any professional jewelry associations? Look for the seller's contact information and their warranty, refund, return, or upgrade policies. Save these as PDFs on your computer. Also, print out a hard copy in case your computer crashes. Next, make inquiries concerning added services, such as ring settings and diamond mountings, sizing, and delivery/shipping options and insurance.

Check Online Merchant Reviews

One of the added benefits of online shopping is that you can search online to see what reviews other buyers have given this seller. Moreover, check with the Better Business Bureau or other appropriate online consumer protection agency to see if there have been complaints about this merchant.

Before You Buy Diamonds - Verify the Quality

When buying an expensive piece of diamond jewelry, it is very important that you verify the quality of the diamond. The most common method of verification is that you receive a copy of the diamond certification report. Make sure that you ask the seller for a diamond grading report from an independent laboratory such as GIA, HRD, EGL or AGS. If this is not readily viewable on the website, ask the merchant to send it to you before you buy.

Finally, if the diamond you are buying is of exceptional value, then consider using a highly regarded escrow service for such a very expensive diamond. A reputable escrow company will have the diamond appraised by an independent appraiser while it is in their possession. The way it works is that the vendor sends the stone to the escrow service, you send the payment for the diamond to the escrow service, and the escrow service has the diamond valued. The service then sends the diamond back to you and sends the money to the merchant. This is one secure way to have peace of mind and know that your investment is protected. You may have to do a little research to ensure that you have found a highly regarded escrow service!


How to buy diamonds - Tips for buying a diamond

How to buy diamonds - Tips for buying a diamond

If you're buying a diamond, youd better know your four C's: carat, color, clarity, and cut. Helena Krodel of the Jewelry Information Center will show you what you need to know to make a sparkling choice when you buy diamonds.