Advice on Choosing Engagement Rings for Women

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Advice on Choosing Engagement Rings for Women

When it comes to buying engagement rings for women, most men can benefit from advice and tips. It is tricky to buy engagement rings for women without the woman being involved in the decision. The first bit of advice a man should consider when getting ready to buy an engagement ring for a woman is to have a female friend or family member take your future fiancé out (or browse the internet). Ask your mother, sister, or your girlfriend’s best friend to take your girlfriend to jewelry stores or to look around online with your girlfriend. The advice you should give to this female helper is that she should have your girlfriend look at a variety of engagement rings for women. This kind of window shopping will help you get an understanding of what she (your intended fiancé) might like.  This neat little move will ensure that someone acting on your behalf will have an adequate opportunity to explore the various options of engagement rings for women with your loved one. By now it should be obvious that discretely getting your fiance's feedback about the engagement ring you have in mind is very important. Your relatives or acquaintances will be in a position to give details back to you. They can inform you of your girlfriend's like or dislike of the type of diamond engagement rings you have in mind.  When it comes to engagement rings for women, there are so many options worth exploring. Does your mate like princess cut engagement rings? Princess cut diamonds are mostly square. They are very popular.

princess cut engagement rings
14k White Gold 1 1/2 Carat T.W. Diamond Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Or would your girlfriend opt for emerald-cut engagement rings? Emerald cuts diamonds, on the other hand, are more of a narrow, rectangular shape. Does your girlfriend prefer unique engagement rings? Or does she prefer to stick with popular styles worn by others?

emerald cut engagement rings
Classic 14K White Gold 3 Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


How about antique engagement rings like this one? Some women like these older styles because they convey sophistication. Others may find them to be a bit much. It's a matter of personal taste.

antique engagement rings
Three Stone Antique-Style Diamond Engagement Ring

What Kind of Engagement Ring Does she Like?

Before making that critical decision, there are all sorts of considerations you need to think through. Your fiance's friends or close family can really help you get a better feel for her likes and dislikes. Sometimes we think we know the person we like and are involved with. However, more often than not, we discover that our assumptions about women are all wrong. A woman's likes and dislikes may be quite different than you think.  She may prefer a rose gold engagement ring. Or she may like a sapphire engagement ring. Either way, when all is said and done, make sure that the jewelry shop you buy the ring from will allow you to take back the engagement ring. This is important whether the store is online, or brick and mortar. If returning the ring is required, you want that option. If not, will they allow your girlfriend to switch it to another if she isn’t pleased with it?

engagement rings for women
Diamond-Me 14kt. White Gold 3/5ct TDW Black and White Diamond Engagement Ring - Luxury Watch

This elegant and mesmerizing three stone diamond ring features on 1/4 carat white center diamond surrounded by two gorgeous black diamonds. White gold engagement rings like this one are quite remarkable. It is unusual to see one surrounded by black diamonds. Perhaps, your girlfriend might like something like this one.



How Much Can You Afford?

A huge consideration when buying engagement rings for women is the price tag. If the ring is not expensive enough, your mate may be insulted and may think of you as cheap. The price of the ring is very important and cannot be overstated. Indeed, there is a great deal to take into account when buying precious gems – particularly diamond engagement rings. First, resolve how elaborate a ring you can manage to pay for. In general, people use the ‘two month’s salary’ rule. This means that the ring should cost the equivalent of two months of your present salary. Because you have other expenses to shell out, saving up this sum of cash may take quite a bit of time. If necessary, one piece of advice you should consider is to finance the ring. There is so much competition out there that your jewelry store may have a financing option available. You should definitely think about financing. You might even come across a no interest financing for a defined period. The advantage of this is that you can pay for the ring over time and not have to shell out the entire price tag at one time. Simply contact the jewelry store of your choosing and inform them that you plan to buy an engagement ring, and that financing will be necessary. A related piece of advice is to go ahead and get the credit check out of the way. This will allow the merchant to tell you how big a credit line you will receive. Next, find out what your payments will be, and how much of a down payment is necessary.

GIA Certified Engagement Rings for Women

Most engagement rings for women cost a lot of money. A crucial piece of advice for the man or novice shopper is to ensure that you are provided with the GIA certificate for your engagement ring. This certification is your guarantee that you are investing ina specific and genuine diamond product and that you are not being deceived or conned.

A Brief History of Engagement Rings for Women

Rest assured that what you’re trying to accomplish is by no means unique or new. The custom of giving a female a diamond engagement ring when proposing dates back centuries. In Europe, the tradition can be traced at least to 1477. In that year Archduke Maximilian offered a diamond band to Mary of Burgundy. Taking into account the diversity of cultures globally, and the exotic precious ornaments to be had in Africa and Asia, it is to be expected that other cultures had similar practices also. Even so, it is now broadly established that in our time, when a chap signals his plan to marry a female, in most cases, the female being proposed to will look forward to a ring along with that proposal! Most females consider that ring to be a thing of status. A woman wants her engagement ring to stand out, or make a statement when contrasted with her peers or girlfriends.

How To Buy An Engagement Ring

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